Wait v2.0


About Wait

Wait makes it possible to add delays to your batch files.

Today, there are two different versions of Wait. In the directory "DOS" you can find a version for old (slow) CPUs, which can be used with DOS and Windows. For 32bit Windows you can use the newer Version of Wait which can be found in the directory "Win32". This version supports faster CPUs but doesn't run with MS-DOS.


How to use

Wait can be run as follows:

WAIT sec [KEY]

where sec means the time to wait in seconds. The optional second parameter "KEY" makes it possible to interrupt the delay. Wait returns an error code of "1" when the user interrupts the delay.

Take a look at the file "WaitTest.bat" for an example.



Download wait_20.zip (33 KB)



If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please visit the forum or mail me.

You can use Wait without charge but you do it at your own risk.