Since version 4.0 of Seti@Home-MapView, it is possible to use enhanced skymaps with higher resolutions than the default skymap of the SETI@home team.

The skymaps were generated with the freeware Cartes Du Ciel. They were put together manually and partly automated from screenshots (the largest skymap consists of 90 screenshots).

The following table shows the available skymaps. The example pictures show the same region in the sky (from the constellation Leo) with identical WU information. Please pay attention to the recommendations for minimum RAM requirement.

To install the skymap you only have to extract the archive contents into the directory where you have installed Seti@Home-MapView. You will find the installed skymaps in the menu Map when you run Seti@Home-MapView the next time.


Name Measures Recommended RAM Size Example
Default 965 x 482 32 MB  
Enhanced (small) 2336 x 1168 128 MB 139 KB
Enhanced (medium) 7680 x 3840 256 MB 691 KB
Enhanced (large) 17712 x 8856 512 MB 2165 KB