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Seti@Home-MapView & Seti@Home-Log9x


On this site you'll find a collection of the most frequently asked questions about Seti@Home-MapView and Seti@Home-Log9x.
Please read it carefully before sending bug reports or questions.

Question: When I look at the skymap in Seti@Home-MapView I can only see a green circle showing the position of the topical WU. There is no other entry on the map and the WU table is empty.

Answer: Seti@Home-MapView needs log files to show information about previous WUs. These log files can be created with Seti@Home-Log9x or one of the other logging tools mentioned in the readme.


Question: I'm already using Seti@Home-Log9x but I still can't see anything accept the topical WU in the skymap.

Answer: The monitoring interval in the setup of Seti@Home-Log9x is set too high. Please reduce it to give Seti@Home a better chance to capture the necessary files before they are sent away to Berkeley. The smallest possible value "0" will cause Seti@Home-Log9x to check for results every 100ms.


Question: Is there a way to retrieve the information about WUs processed before installing the logging tool?

Answer: No. Unfortunately, the client doesn't store any information itself and Berkeley doesn't provide access to the information about previous processed WUs.


Question: I can see the WUs in the skymap but when selecting "results" I get an empty skymap and all result tables are empty.

Answer: Most logging tools only record information about the WUs. Only Seti@Home-Log9x is able to log detailed information about the results. Therefore you'll need Seti@Home-Log9x to take full advantage of Seti@Home-MapViews options. If you don't want to completely switch to Seti@Home-Log9x, you can use Seti@Home-Log9x parallel to your preferred logging tool.


Question: Is it possible to use Seti@Home-Log9x and Seti@Home-MapView together with a caching utility like SetiHide or SetiDriver?

Answer: Yes, but you'll have to add each cache directory to the list of seti directories.


Question: Seti@Home-MapView always worked fine but recently stopped working showing the message "Exception EConvertError in module smv.exe at 00006D5E.'1.#INF00' is not a valid floating point value.".

Answer: The value "1.#INF00e+000" is produced by the seti client whenever something has gone totally wrong. It could have been something harmless like a power outage or a windows exception but it could mean that your processor is overheating and needs to be cleaned from dust. Such a fatal error often produces bad log files. Please take a look into the CSVs and look for unusual entries (==> search for 1.#INF00) and delete them (the whole line).