Exit v3.00


About Exit

Have you ever worried about how complicate it is to exit Windows?

Then you need Exit: It puts an icon to your traybar and lets you shut down Windows or reboot your computer with just one mouse click.

And if you have a three button mouse can use the middle button to active the possibility to enter a shut down time when Windows will be shut down automatically. This is especially usefull for owners of ATX mainboards which will let you completely turn of your computer.



Download exit_v3.00.zip (218 KB)


Setup Exit

To install Exit you just need to extract the "Exit.zip" into any directory and make a link in you autorun group.

There are some options in the file "exit.ini" which let you configure Exit. Please look into "exit.ini" for further information.



If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please visit the forum.

You can use Exit without charge but you do it at your own risk.