AutoRunHTML v1.1


About AutoRunHTML

When you burn your own CDs you perhaps wish to make a professional looking autorun menu for them. The easiest way of doing this is to make them with one of the numerous HTML editors.

But the Windows9x autorun needs an executable program and ignores every try to directly call a HTML file. Of course, there are many HTML viewers in the web which could be used. But most users today already have a browser installed and there is no real need for an additional browser on the CD and it's easier for the user to handle there well known browser than another one.

And that's exactly where AutoRunHTML can help: This small tool can be executed by the autorun and automatically loads the "index.htm" with the standart browser. You can specify another file to be opened by adding it as a commandline parameter (8.3 format).

To use AutoRunHTML you just have to name the main page of your menu "index.htm" and put it together with "runhtml.exe" and "autorun.inf" in the root directory of your CD.



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You can use AutoRunHTML without charge but you do it at your own risk.